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Redefining Luxury

For over 10 years, Narimane Kurdi has been at the forefront of Fashion, Cosmetics and Lifestyle Branding across the GCC market.

As an internationally-minded luxury specialist, with deep rooted knowledge and experience in the Middle East and Pan-Arab markets, Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy offers a rich and diverse strategic approach to brand-building.

Luxury Consumer Knowledge

Bringing together a passionate blend of Art, Fashion and Luxury, delivering a unique and prestigious value proposition to help define and position your brand into elusive and exclusive luxury markets.

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Enhancing Luxury Brands

The strength of Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy resides in direct access to vast networks of distribution, increasing your bottom-line sales.

  • Consultancy

    Experienced guidance with deep-rooted knowledge in the Middle East and Pan-Arab Markets.

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  • Brand Positioning

    Who You are matters. Define your brand's unique appeal within distinct and elusive markets.

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  • Strategic Planning

    Roadmap to growth. Drive brand goals with clear and defined paths with organizational alignment.

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Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy works closely with PR and Event companies.

Exclusive relationships in a strong Press & VIP network helps lead to valuable and frequent introductions, partnerships and collaborations.

Enhance your organization with exclusive Training and Support

Learn from proprietary processes and strategic systems to drive sales and grow marketshare.

Veterans in
Dubai's luxury industry

Globally recognized luxury brands, including L'Oréal Luxe, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Armani, Jimmy Choo and Stella McCartney, have benefited from the marketing contributions of Narimane Kurdi, while enjoying continued growth and success.


The Discipline of Luxury

With strength and focus on 'big picture' thinking, the high-level approach proves to compliment the ability to 'muster the troops' and create organizational alignment towards overall brand goals.

The World Capital of Luxury

Proven business development expertise has gained the trust and confidence of emerging and local businesses that have global standards and seek to push them to the next level.

This valued trust encompasses an underlying mantra of
'Making It Happen' which has become synonymous with
Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy.

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The Voice of Luxury

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